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What You Get When You Host with Us
Short term rental management, elevated.

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    Create / Manage profile

    We create your profile, promote the most attractive aspects of your neighborhood, take photographs that enhance these descriptive elements, and manage any incoming and outgoing messages 24/7 so that your entire operation is outsourced.

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    Professional photographs of your listing are essential to booking more guests. Photography is on us.

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    Home Supplies

    Hosty offers a low touch model where we handle everything from customer experience to supply chain management.  We ensure guests receive a "hotelesque"experience. Automated billing processes, transparency of spend, inventory information, and the fine tuned touches that we add to the mix help keep you in the know at all times; while we keep your guests happy.

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    Best Price Algorithm

    Hosty utilizes a pricing algorithm to maximize the profitability for each of its hosts. Whether there is a sought after local event that increases exposure to your area or demand dials down due to weather, a manual process and guessing is not the answer. We rely on our proprietary pricing software to maximize your average nightly rate.

  • Exclusive Partnerships

    Hosty Co’s exclusive partnership with Three Point Interiors means you’ll be able to access design services as well as enjoy wholesale prices from the most stylish home decor vendors in Chicago.

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    Concierge Service

    The check-in and check-out system can be complicated. Hosty streamlines the process so your guests know the exact protocol of checking in and out. We offer guests insight into the area, provide them with information on how to use the home amenities, and make sure they follow a checklist of items throughout their stay.

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    Real Time Cleaning

    A clean home is the number one priority for most guests. When guests check in, we ensure the home is sanitized, immaculate, and fully stocked. Now, more than ever guests need assurance that homes are cleaned to the highest of standards. Our cleaning crew is well versed in Airbnb expectations and have been with us since the inception of our business. We have institutionalized a checklist of nearly 50 cleaning standard that each cleaner must adhere to. We strive for excellence when it comes to the first impression of your guests. We have also have built in efficiencies that lower the cleaning costs for homeowners compared to other property management groups. We make sure the house is in the same condition when guests check-out as when they checked in.

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    Guest Safety & Screening

    Our strict screening processes ensure the right guests in your home. All guests are required to agree to house rules before accepting booking requests. Outdoor cameras which are monitored by Hosty are also a key component to our safety precautions.

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    Real Time Reporting

    Transparency is key but data and metrics tell you the whole story. We make sure that we provide real-time monthly reporting on nights occupied, maintenance required and conducted, and supply costs, so that you have a complete picture of your earnings and growth trajectory.  We account for you so that you can account for everything else!

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