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This case study shows how Hosty was able to properly position a large size home in a developing area to achieve maximum revenue output even with smaller bookings.
The Challenge

Bridgeport is an established area of Chicago that is filled with history, culture, and diversity. The neighbourhood houses hard-working and proud Chicagoans with a long lineage of ties to the area, and the income strength of the area allows for modest rental rates that traditionally do not peak the interest of investors. Anand heard of Hosty’s services and the success that we were able to attain for some of his colleagues, so he contacted us to see if we would be able to attain a rate of return on this investment property that would satisfy him. After a detailed discussion of Hosty’s data, we understood his request. This Bridgeport property was a massive home! With 7 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, we knew we had quite a bit to offer guests for transient bookings. With that said, optimizing the return became even more of a challenge, as the larger the property, the more necessary it becomes to increase the rental rates in order to attain a successful rate of return. Furthermore, we wanted to make sure we did not lose out on smaller bookings simply due to the size of the home.

The Numbers

With a heavy focus on guest experience and promotion of all of the amenities of the home, we were able to attain revenue rates similar to Downtown Chicago area homes, while reaching the top 1% in the area for revenue.


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