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Airbnb Interior Design & Maintenance

Add-On Features
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Real estate investment is a great way to make money, provided you have proper guidance. That's what we offer clients, whether they're new to real estate or seasoned.

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    Custom Interior Design

    Hosty's design partner Three Point Interiors has vast experience in utilizing furniture design to optimize the guest experience. This optional service allows you a hands off approach and better return on investment. Let Hosty source all furniture and amenity purchases with wholesalers that provide Hosty clients with a discount. The time and cost savings pay for itself.

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    Maintenance / Repairs

    Hosty has a consortia of contractors we utilize for repairs and maintenance needs in its hosts' home. Whether a light fixture needs to be replaced or the home requires larger renovations, Hosty is licensed for all permit/non-permit jobs. We hope you never need to step into your investment property, unless you want to.

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    Value-Add Guest Technology

    Hosty provides you with tablets that enhance your guest's experience, which result in better reviews. Our tablets come equipped with information on the neighbourhood, electronic menus from restaurants and information on home amenities, acting as a personal, electronic butler for your guest.

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